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Imagine Analog


Imagine Analog was a Generate client that is developing a budget-friendly multi-effect guitar pedal that utilizes FPAA technology. As the Technical Lead for this project, I led the development of a new casing for the pedal and facilitated design reviews to guide the team of interdisciplinary engineers and designers.

Final Prototype Render

Previously, another Generate team worked with Imagine Analog to develop their first prototype. This included a sheet metal case with 3D printed corners brackets and a flat pedal. It also included a touch screen, 6 buttons, and a volume knob. All of the required ports are on the back of the case.


Previous Prototype

Originally, the entire case was to made of 6 1/4 inch aluminum plates. Budget constraints only allowed for a CNC machined aluminum top panel and laser cut acrylic side and bottom panels. The top row of buttons is raised on a 3D printed bar to allow for better user control. When an effect button is pressed, it lights up with the same color displayed on the touch screen. The volume knob was also moved to the right side of the screen.


Top Plate Design

The pedal is 3D printed with an attached gear to rotate the effect potentiometer. The rotation axle was shifted closer to the bottom of the pedal for a better user feeling. The pedal system and all of the plates are held in place and supported by internal supports that include locating pins for accurate alignment.


Internal Brackets and Pedal

The final prototype was a durable aluminum and acrylic frame with a working touch screen and LED buttons. The rubber corner bumpers keep the case from moving when in use and hide additional locating features on the side and bottom panels.


Final Prototype

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