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Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Dock


Dock design includes slots to position the vacuum and arm to hold charger in place.

  • Designed dock in SOLIDWORKS utilizing digital caliper measurements gathered from physical vacuum

  • Performed SOLIDWORKS FEA analysis of CAD model under simulated vacuum load to verify successful design

  • 3D printed charging dock and mounted on the wall to organize supply area

Wall mounted dock design allows for the storage area to remain more organized and makes charging the vacuum an easier task.

In my house, the vacuum is stored in the same area as the mop and mop bucket. Because the space is small and the vacuum must be plugged in at the bottom of the handle, leaving the vacuum to charge is a tedious procedure. The objective of this project was to design a 3D printable wall mounted dock that would allow for the vacuum to be easily charged in the small area.


SOLIDWORKS FEA analysis of the dock design verifies that the maximum equivalent stress does not exceed the yield strength of the PLA material.


Before dock, the charger must be plugged into the vacuum by hand and the area is cluttered.

After installing the dock, the vacuum is charged by simply docking the vacuum on the wall and the area is more organized.

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