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New NERF Target


NERF Accustrike target that no longer meets updated sound level requirements.

Previous small NERF target did not meet updated requirements for sound level. The noise created from rubber darts hitting the plastic and cardboard targets were deemed loud enough to injure the ears of children at close ranges. The objective of this project was to design a cheap and easily producible target that would satisfy new noise level standards.

  • Developed and performed sound level testing for several different small targets

  • Designed 15 total targets using SolidWorks of which 9 were physically prototyped using resin and carbon fiber nylon materials

  • An iterative design process was necessary to account for the physical properties of the prototyping materials and the limitations of 3D printers


Digital target model that was physically prototyped using SLA technology.


Similar target to final prototype.
CAD model shown does not represent the final production model but shows similar design features. The final project image is not shown because it has not been released as a product yet.

With this new design, older targets that required customer assembly have become a single injection molded part. The convex bullseye design lowers sound level on impact compared to previous, printed plastic sheets. The new redesigned target has been produced with injection molding and has passed additional quality assurance tests. It is currently sold as a part of the Elite 2.0 Face-Off Target Set and is expected to be used in other multi-packs that require small targets.

Face-Off Target Set.jpg

Elite 2.0 Face-Off Target Set released in 2022.

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