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Arctic Vision


Arctic Vision was a Generate client that wants to develop an augmented reality integrated ski goggle. As a part of the Build Studio Hardware team for this project, I lead development of the frame shape and the integration of other components into the frame. CAD work for this project was completed using Fusion 360.

Prototype renders

The first iteration of the frame​ was created using basic solid modeling techniques. The design features open pockets on the sides of the frame to store electronic components. The asymmetric top pocket allows for the AR module to sit in front of the user's right eye.


First frame iteration

The second iteration was created using surface modeling techniques to allow for more organic geometry around the nose area. A lens was added to cover the entire front face of the frame. Additionally, the left side pocket was removed and mounting points were added for future battery connection.


Second frame iteration

The third iteration introduced foam ventilation on the top and bottom of the frame. The side pocket was made bigger to better fit electronic components without taking away from user field of view. Battery pod and hinge were attached to the frame to visualize a larger assembly. The top corner of the lens was cut out to have an easy way to recognize Arctic Vision goggles.


Third frame iteration

The final physical prototype required an extra large frame size to properly house the final AR module mount. This iteration also included proper mounting parts for all electronic components and cut-outs for easy hand assembly. Although the AR module was not available for the final prototype, the overall frame was comfortable and secure.


Final prototype

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